catlock-catwings said: I had a (former) friend who insisted that the wage gap couldn't exist because "if the world was actually that unfair then more people would be talking about it!" I pointed out that there's a lot of people talking about it and sent him links to several studies on it and his response was "no, feminists want women janitors to be paid as well as male CEOs. It's stupid." I just. Where do they even get these ideas? Who is told "women should be equal to men" and starts yelling YOU HATE TEH MENZ!?

This is so funny because I literally got an anon just before you who said almost the same thing. Not to that extreme but he said:

"You think there’s a wage gap because women get paid less for doing lesser-demanding manual labour than men? O THUH MISSOJINNY!!!!!!!"

Oh, men. You’re so terrile.